7 Level Sudoku

7 Level Sudoku 1.1

Original sudoku game for Pocket PCs

From Easy to Extreme: This game provides you with 7 different levels to try your Sudoku skills. So, besides this, how is this Sudoku different from the rest?

Features of 7 Level Sudoku include:

Millions of puzzles

We mean it. Millions and millions of combinations assure you a lifetime product.

Highlight possible clues

on a cell during the entire game. This does not mean the correct numbers, but only the possible numbers at that time the cell was selected. Don't be surprised if none of the numbers are highlighted. This means that there are no numbers to put on the cell. You'll have to find out what the problem is.

Hint of singular and aleatory numbers

Press it, and one cell will be filled automatically. Remember that it will be recorded on statistics board.

Solve puzzle for those desperate to finish

This result will not get applied to the statistics board

Save / Restore allows to keep and restore puzzles

For example if you need to stop playing an active puzzle and want to return to the same point later, just tap this option and name the puzzle you are playing. You can always return to it later

Statistics Board will let you know how good your Sudoku skills really are.

Access this option to find the amount of completed puzzles, average play time and number hints of for each level. Don't worry: there's always the reset button to start from 0 again.

Tips & Tricks

with several lessons to help you, depending on your level of experience (Beginner; Middle; Advanced)

7 Level Sudoku


7 Level Sudoku 1.1